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Developer Posted on: 20-04-2008 17:20:13
Posts: 3379

I'm currently working on a new build system. This system will support different kind of areas (forest, mountain etc.) but it will also allow you to place your own buildings (with restrictions ofcourse).

The icons represent the different types and sizes of buildings.

Here's a sneak preview of the village area: New build system - village
Developer Posted on: 22-04-2008 18:02:15
Posts: 3379

Here's a working preview of the building locations for each area: Building locations
Member Posted on: 23-04-2008 07:15:39
Posts: 2

looks promessing

Developer Posted on: 26-04-2008 17:31:56
Posts: 3379

Anyone has a good idea on how to present the buildings available for construction?

I could give a list with all buildings available and put "(can not build here)" behind it when you can not build it at the selected location. When you click on a building on the list you get a popup with building information. Or I could make a list with only the buildings available for the selected location.

Im also showing a construction site + timer on the location after you give the order for construction

Other suggestions for the build system are also welcome.
Alpha tester Posted on: 29-04-2008 10:13:03
Posts: 16

I would show all buildings and make the ones that cannot be build have a different image with "not yet researched" or something in it.
Developer Posted on: 07-05-2008 19:17:00
Posts: 3379

If you upgrade your main building to level 10 you will get points to expand your kingdom (build a new village or outpost).

Give it a try
Alpha tester Posted on: 13-06-2008 03:17:45
Posts: 85

I think it would be cool if there wasnt enough room in a village to build everything...so your villages have to be varried if you want to have different troops
Developer Posted on: 13-06-2008 05:53:47
Posts: 3379

there are still a couple of building that I didnt finish so we probably dont have enough space, like the: goldmine, mint, embassy, guildhouse/guildheadquarter and maybe more.

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