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Alpha tester Posted on: 27-06-2008 15:04:34
Posts: 32

you are alread! but i have do that with travian it's very unlucky :|
Member Posted on: 07-07-2008 20:56:02
Posts: 1

i think we should have like 2 villages in different areas
Developer Posted on: 07-07-2008 20:56:44
Posts: 3379

what do you mean?
Member Posted on: 02-08-2008 21:13:20
Posts: 1

im not sure if they already have this or made this how about a hospital its not like everytime both sides wre dead shouldnt there be wounded too?
Developer Posted on: 02-08-2008 21:16:57
Posts: 3379

wounded soldiers recover instantly after battle at the moment.
Alpha tester Posted on: 09-08-2008 20:53:49
Posts: 76


I'm thinking, what if item's and/or equipments(if there's any) price changes according to the needs of the players not on a fixed price. That way the actual value of the in-game currency changes based on a bunch of factors. If prices are not fixed then it will change how everything works making it an evolving system. Solving the rapid, build and kill strategy i'm so tired of.
Developer Posted on: 10-08-2008 08:47:49
Posts: 3379

Currently you have to produce all resources yourself, so tools need coal+ironore>melt them into iron, add wood and you have your tool. All these resources can be bought/sold/traded on the market.
Alpha tester Posted on: 10-08-2008 18:49:06
Posts: 76

sounds interesting.. well it's pretty hard to suggest things 'coz i haven't played the game but base on the info found in your site i'm thinking this game is like travian, tribalwars, the-crusades, imperialages, etc. they're all the same if you ask me.

So i'll say some pointers w/c is all i can do atm. You probably know all these but just in case.

* Interactivity
* Pace
* Freedom
* Depth
* Balanced


This is something I have been preaching since I first started discussing web games online. This is a wide category and applies to player communication to player interaction with npc’s or stores or guilds or even other players.


I have signed up for far too many games where just during the registration process you are presented with about fifty options about your character without links to information about these choices. Take it slow, and walk the player through everything, explaining it all clearly. Especially if you can only have one char and it’s a continuous game. You also need to explain what kind of game play the player should be expecting before having them develop a character.


This is more than just giving the players the ability to play outside the boundaries of the game (such as forum based guilds and the such). But to give the player the option to do anything (to a point) that they desire. Say I’m making a RPG that’s surrounds marketing, I would give players options such as steal other peoples goods, the means to give them a bad rep, maybe an option to taint the others goods, to work with other merchants, to create/sell goods as a group. etc etc. Allow the player to choose their alignment and play to it.


This is something a lot of web games lack and the main reason is development time to add a high level of depth is huge. But we are at the point where players are expecting more from us. But for an explain, quests. Some games will only let you train 4 stats with only one way to train. Or give you 20 quests and after that nothing is left but to train. There needs to be more than just player interaction to give people back to play the game.


This is something stat based games have a big problem with. People find the single way to become the strongest and they all follow it. What needs to be done is to have several ways for characters to develop and allow each path to have special skills that set them apart from other paths, but all their skills are relatively equal.

Also making sure there is more than one way to achieve the goal so not all players follow the path the exact same way is important. You want your players to feel special and unique, and an easy way to achieve that is to allow characters to develop in a multitude of ways.

Forgot where i got this pointers though.
Developer Posted on: 10-08-2008 19:53:02
Posts: 3379

Thnx for the info, I can not give you access to the alpha yet because it is down until the next update (1 or 2 weeks).

I like the idea of alignment, I was already thinking about this for the hero part of the game. Your honor/fame can go into the minus if you PK (playerkill) players, you will become wanted or have a small chance to drop your items if players kill you. Other players get extra honor for that. So getting infamous is not without risk.

But any idea on how to use alignment on a game like travian/tribalwars? The village part of our game is similar to travian/tribalwars but is has a more complex production & fighting system. Looting other players villages is already possible.
Alpha tester Posted on: 11-08-2008 14:42:29
Posts: 76

I posted my reply on "Hero System".

And for the alpha account, i'm not in a hurry but thanks. I'll give this game 3-6 months before it can be released. It's just so rare that i can participate in a game that i'm actually interested in. So many pbbg's i've tried, they're fun and i enjoyed them but somehow i feel it's incomplete.

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