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The Land of Destiny Hero welcomes you.
Role playing game or called MMORPG free browser game

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Topic: Alpha Post reply

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Developer Posted on: 17-04-2008 16:28:34
Posts: 3379

the alpha will last till the full release, or you mean when it starts? Its almost ready for the first people. Im looking for some players who like think out the building tree, construction cost/time per level per building and unit costs/stats.

This would mean tables similar to the ones which can be found in similar games: http://en18.tribalwars.net/help2.php?article=buildings
(if you click on a building name)

But then for the buildings and units we use, our production and fight system is different but that link is just to give you an idea. Currently these values are set to 0 in the database so if I can find some players who like to think this out and make some nice tables(excel?) it would save some time
Developer Posted on: 18-04-2008 13:42:42
Posts: 3379

I just finished the main part of the attack system which is now working with the new map, the village and the production system. So I hope to have the alpha server online soon.
Developer Posted on: 04-05-2008 19:58:25
Posts: 3379

The alpha server will be offline for 1 or 2 days to get updated.
Developer Posted on: 06-05-2008 21:48:41
Posts: 3379

The update is installed and we've invited a bunch on new players to the server
Alpha tester Posted on: 17-05-2008 13:04:47
Posts: 17

I recently decided to see if I might contribute to the development of this game. I have written a short and to the point alpha motivation. When can I expect an reply to this? And will this come in game(so I need to login and check) or be sent by mail?

Thank you for your time
Developer Posted on: 17-05-2008 13:29:27
Posts: 3379

You will be noticed by email. We will select some new players in a few weeks, at the next update & reset. Staying active on our forum will have a big influence on the selecting procedure.
Alpha tester Posted on: 17-05-2008 16:51:29
Posts: 17

Thank you for a swift reply.
I noticed forum activity as a deciding factor, however browsing through the forum I find that the interesting talk is about the game and its functions. Since I have no way of knowing how is work I feel my posts would most likely be irrelevant or questions about the game which would answer themselves once I see how the game function.
From what I see so far though, this game is inspired by TW(tribal wars).
What do you plan to do in order to set it apart from this game?
Developer Posted on: 17-05-2008 17:03:14
Posts: 3379

The game is inspired by the settlers 2, we are using a realistic production system=>for example you also need tools(pickaxe) to use a mine, you need a coal mine/iron mine/iron melter to produce iron. With iron you can make new tools or armor/weapons. And the same story for all resources. The map system is also different, we allow you to take over areas of the map with outposts to protect surrounding villages. This will be intereseting once you control a whole area with your alliance, or when you get protection from a friend with a large castle. We are also thinking to make a hero function, not like TW or travian but with a xp/level/quest/shop/arena system so your not only building a village.
Alpha tester Posted on: 17-05-2008 18:50:50
Posts: 17

Very interesting. I myself remember settlers 2 as one of my first loves
I do believe this proved my point about irrelevant posting though Until I really see how the game function I really feel I cant offer much.
I would love to chat with you on MSN to get a real feel for your vision with this game. I find the settlers approach most interesting, building a more advanced online strategy game. A hero system is also very exciting but a big undertaking. You might want to introduce this as a new function later so you can focus on the most important parts first.
If you would honor me with a chat on MSN my contact info is h0tm4ilsux0r@hotmail.com
Developer Posted on: 17-05-2008 18:56:25
Posts: 3379

check ur mail (probably junk in hotmail, still have to fix that )

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