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Moderator Posted on: 01-06-2008 21:12:59
Posts: 543

is the service at strato good?

and how much bandwidth do I need to host a webgame?
Developer Posted on: 01-06-2008 21:26:49
Posts: 3379

I'm having problems with the mails not arriving a hotmail/yahoo with strato. But its fine while the game is still in development.

No clue how much bandwidth I need but this portal site is already between 5-10GB with only a few ppl online all the time. So with 100 people online playing a game you will need alot more. I talked to some devs at galaxy-news.nl from horsetycoon, which are using around 50Mbit (half of a constant 100mbit line) to run the dutch+international version of their game. They balance the load on several servers. You can try to get in galaxy-news, more info in there.

Im going for a dedicated server which comes with 1TB to 2.5TB traffic, will see how much I need, but look for a provider which has good deals for extra. You dont want to pay +50euro a month for 100GB traffic. If you take a VPS you should also check how much cpu+ram your site is using. For example if I run my chatscripts with a too fast interval (1sec or lower) the cpu goes up by alot of % compare to the amount of users. At the moment its only a few % though.
Moderator Posted on: 01-06-2008 21:39:10
Posts: 543

How much are you willing to pay for a server?
Developer Posted on: 01-06-2008 22:26:41
Posts: 3379

Check those sites, they start at around 40 euro/month
Moderator Posted on: 02-06-2008 09:17:33
Posts: 461

soon we'll get a 100Mbps connection, so we can run a server at home with unlimited bandwith, fast connection, lots of disk space (and upgradable), (if we buy one) a good cpu, enough ram (also upgradable) very little downtime, full server acces, all the programs we want, unlimted sub-doamins, mailing lists, databases etc. etc. and all that for a one time fee (buying a nice computer) and a small fee for the domain name.
Developer Posted on: 02-06-2008 10:33:09
Posts: 3379

so how much ur paying for the 100mbit line?

When ur downloading a movie at home you will have to limit the speed, else your server will be unreachable.

A proper server will cost you around 500 I think, you also have to pay for the 100mbit line + power. So I dont think it will be much cheaper. If you take a dedicated server you can just cancel the contract after 1 year and switch to a new server (newer hardware) for the same price.
Moderator Posted on: 02-06-2008 15:30:34
Posts: 543

our upload speed will be equal to the download speed. We get fiberglass. 20.00 euro's per month.

About the power costs it's at our parents home so they have to pay for the power.

The only problem is that we probably don't leave the computer on all night
Member Posted on: 02-06-2008 16:47:05
Posts: 822

That's not a good thing.
If you have players all over the world, with different timezones, they won't be able to play a lot.
You just can't compete with the quality brought by a good host. They have special facilities, datacenters, special internet lines etc.
Moderator Posted on: 02-06-2008 16:58:42
Posts: 543

true, so we also are looking for a good host.
Developer Posted on: 02-06-2008 17:23:02
Posts: 3379

LoD will soon be running on this, ordered it today:
Server: Dell R200
CPU: Xeon Quadcore 2,13
Ram: 2 GB DDR2 ECC
HD: 160GB
OS: Linux fedora core 8
Control panel: Plesk
Connection: 100mbit
Traffic: 2500GB

Upgradeable to:
-8GB ram
-2x 1GB lines
-plenty of traffic upgrades
-1TB HD (not sure, maybe 2x)

I think this server would last for a while, whatever the future might bring

So I will be installed/setting it up the comming weeks, so the alpha coding will delay a bit

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