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The Land of Destiny Hero welcomes you.
Role playing game or called MMORPG free browser game

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Developer Posted on: 06-06-2008 15:12:40
Posts: 3379

Thats how it should work else you will get too many page numbers
Member Posted on: 06-06-2008 17:38:26
Posts: 822

Took me ages to write. Please be nice to it.
Moderator Posted on: 06-06-2008 18:52:42
Posts: 543

looks good and I am in the top 5 xD
above Terminator
Moderator Posted on: 08-06-2008 14:32:30
Posts: 461

oh now i understand it
Moderator Posted on: 15-06-2008 12:33:45
Posts: 543

the new posts image from 'land of destiny general/Premium' doesn't get updated anymore.

is it a moderator thing?
Member Posted on: 15-06-2008 12:35:31
Posts: 822

Because of the timezone change that BasTijs recently made, that post was made 1 hour in the "futur". (it's 14:37 now and the post has the date 14:45 or something)
So, if you wait another 10 minutes, the green icon will turn white again.
Moderator Posted on: 15-06-2008 14:03:10
Posts: 543

ok but the posttimes have to be converted to a central time because else other people with a higher timezone will also post into the future
Developer Posted on: 15-06-2008 14:04:12
Posts: 3379

no they wont the post time is based on the server time
Alpha tester Posted on: 17-07-2008 19:19:17
Posts: 18

I look at the homepage and it said 10 people were logged in so I went to look at it. When it loaded it said my name 9 times. I only signed up once and never log out and in. Not a major bug but just letting you know.
Developer Posted on: 17-07-2008 20:22:37
Posts: 3379

when u get this bug? multiple logins on different pages or something?

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