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Alpha tester Posted on: 18-05-2008 20:21:24
Posts: 23

When I try to reaserch (when I'm already researching) I get this in a pop up error message.

"You are already researching, wait untill this is finished. Click <a href="/research.php"><b>here</b> to go back."

Moderator Posted on: 20-05-2008 19:36:15
Posts: 543

When I have the maximum of units I can still make those units in the garrison and it still uses resources and time.

If you have the maximum you shouldn't be able to make new units.
Developer Posted on: 20-05-2008 19:38:41
Posts: 3379

there is a maximum?
Moderator Posted on: 20-05-2008 22:01:25
Posts: 543

no when I tried it yesterday I thought there was a maximum, but it was late so I could have misread.
there is no maximum.
Developer Posted on: 20-05-2008 22:05:41
Posts: 3379

Jep, but we are planning to put a maximum in villages and allow more units in military ouposts.
Alpha tester Posted on: 22-05-2008 17:54:45
Posts: 31

I've got a stronghold. Now I want to build a woodcutter/hunter on the building behind the stronghold, and I can't reach it, which means I can't use that building site anymore.
Moderator Posted on: 27-05-2008 09:47:00
Posts: 461

the bug that the windows didn;t open correctly in ie, is that fixed? because i'm on school here and it works like in firefox, (no ie7 here, different (unkown) version)
Moderator Posted on: 27-05-2008 10:03:58
Posts: 543

nope is not fixed. checked it at home.
Our school uses IE6 I think. It probably doesn't have the bug.
Developer Posted on: 27-05-2008 10:56:27
Posts: 3379

got a screenshot?
Moderator Posted on: 28-05-2008 08:38:25
Posts: 461

no, but if you combine the working of firefox and the border (rand) of ie, then you have your screenshot..

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