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Developer Posted on: 12-05-2008 19:59:14
Posts: 3379

Once we have enough german members we could open a german forum like we did for NL/BE. We also need an active moderator than, because I can only read half of the german text
Member Posted on: 12-05-2008 20:07:19
Posts: 822

Candidates for becoming a moderator can try to apply here.
Alpha tester Posted on: 23-05-2008 20:41:30
Posts: 30

You also speak good German, isn't it Peck?

We didn't learned it yet at school
Member Posted on: 23-05-2008 20:43:45
Posts: 822

I suck at German. Don't like the language neither.
Alpha tester Posted on: 23-05-2008 20:48:10
Posts: 30

I hope, some day I can speak as good German like Crazy German Kid =>

Klik hier
Alpha tester Posted on: 21-09-2008 14:45:32
Posts: 8

No german for me.

If any chance you need to setup a Chinese site, I can help.
Developer Posted on: 21-09-2008 14:47:06
Posts: 3379

Not sure if the current database supports chinese characters, but once we get enough chinese ppl we can add a CN forum.
Alpha tester Posted on: 21-09-2008 15:54:36
Posts: 139

If one forum,would be enough...
GameMaster Posted on: 10-10-2008 02:23:43
Posts: 1447

I can speak fluently in leet...

Tatsächlich kann ich ein wenig sprechen, wenn ich vorsichtig von den Wörtern die ich benutze bleibe, damit ich irgendeine Sprache sprechen kann, die einen Online-Übersetzer hat!

But people reading it have trouble making-sense of my meaning, and know that my German is broken - or the Online Translator's - in this case.

Hey - I might know where to find some German gamers... But I couldn't communicate with them unless they also spoke English.
Alpha tester Posted on: 30-10-2008 20:27:57
Posts: 61

*chuckles* Just as a joke...

I doubt it counts that I have plenty of guests in the hotel I work for that are vacationing from germany? can't understand half of what they say sometimes, but they speak enough English for the hotel to understand.


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