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Role playing game or called MMORPG free browser game

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Topic: Which (browser) games do you play? Post reply

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Developer Posted on: 12-05-2008 20:01:25
Posts: 3379

I'm currently not playing any browser games, but I just tested Ikariam a bit. Also looks nice but not much military actions in it.

I mainly play games like the settlers or RPGs but at the moment LOD is taking all the spare time
Member Posted on: 12-05-2008 20:11:00
Posts: 822

I'm a huge race fan, so I only play racing games going from sheer simulation (GTRĀ²) to just driving, unrealistically, for fun. (TMN, where I'm a little admin in a clan)
Member Posted on: 14-05-2008 17:39:14
Posts: 2

I play a little bit of everything. From Harry Potter themed, to Kingdom of Loathing, to others I'd rather not mention, lol.
Developer Posted on: 14-05-2008 17:46:33
Posts: 3379

Is KoL cool? never tryed it.
Moderator Posted on: 16-05-2008 14:43:08
Posts: 461

I've played Travian a lot, also tribalwars, but i don;t play them anymore. now i play cantr (best <real> rpg ever!), renaissancekindoms and Ikariam.
I've helped beta-testing Excilium a bit, but I haven't played it a lot. And Miniconomy a few rounds.
Developer Posted on: 16-05-2008 15:52:48
Posts: 3379

In your motivation your talking about thisthissite challenges. Ever tryed Net-Force?
Moderator Posted on: 16-05-2008 17:12:48
Posts: 461

actually, I got here via net-force, which I just discvoered a few hours ago
Developer Posted on: 16-05-2008 21:32:45
Posts: 3379

And you got some info online about the game your working on?
Moderator Posted on: 16-05-2008 21:45:08
Posts: 461

what do you mean? i don't need to get info online beacuse i'm making the game, so all the info is instantly there (and no, i'm not trying to copy Anything, i'll be making my own game )
Developer Posted on: 16-05-2008 22:01:46
Posts: 3379

Im asking because I got a motivation from someone who claims to be developing with u

I dont know how your programming+graphic skills are but it's not easy making a game

You could also consider helping us, any good idea will be used. Its always good to have some active members who are willing to help.

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