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Topic: Which (browser) games do you play? Post reply

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Alpha tester Posted on: 17-05-2008 08:46:21
Posts: 14

Ich play Renaissance Kingdoms (since a year)
Developer Posted on: 17-05-2008 08:53:28
Posts: 3379

I tryed RK but it seems a bit messy(interface) so hard to know what u have to do, but is it good once you figured everything out?
Moderator Posted on: 17-05-2008 09:47:51
Posts: 543

answer to your question to Adramalech.

Yes thats right. I am also developer of that game.
you can find it here

It's not much yet because we just started. There is nothing to see yet (atleast not for non-admins)
Moderator Posted on: 17-05-2008 09:53:57
Posts: 461

Confirmed, id0001 is also a developer of our game.

and RK, i don't think it's messy, but the community is a bit crap, you don't ge4t the idea that there are other players, unless you're gonna search for them.
Developer Posted on: 17-05-2008 09:55:40
Posts: 3379

so your making a hack challenge site? or a game with hacking as theme?
Moderator Posted on: 17-05-2008 09:59:57
Posts: 461

not at all

we are making a medieval simulating RPG where you can be a person in a medieval world and you can trade, fight etc. and a lot more other things, it's like cantr, RK, travian(tribalwars) and miniconomy combined (sort of).

(it's hard to explain, so this description isn't very good)
Developer Posted on: 17-05-2008 10:03:10
Posts: 3379

The link id0001 posted does not look very medieval
Moderator Posted on: 17-05-2008 10:07:02
Posts: 461

that's because the style is less important than the mechanics of the game, at least for now. Also, we made a style-changing script, but there was a weird backup and we lost a lot of scripting, including that script.
Moderator Posted on: 17-05-2008 10:12:03
Posts: 543

btw the style of the site will be changed when the game logic is (mostly)finished. and also the banner at the top will be removed
Developer Posted on: 17-05-2008 15:35:23
Posts: 3379

is miniconomy good?

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