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The Land of Destiny Hero welcomes you.
Role playing game or called MMORPG free browser game

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Topic: Referral system & banners Post reply

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Developer Posted on: 12-05-2008 22:13:51
Posts: 3379

We've added a new referral system to the website. This means you can now recruit new members for LoD. Currently we can not give rewards, except giving access to the alpha server, but clicks and registrations are being recorded. This means once the game goes live (with a reward system for referrals) you will get full credit for the recruited members so far.

Your referral link can be found here or in the footer of our website under publish: (login first)

There are also new banners on this page. Feedback/suggestions about these new banners are welcome on the forum.
Alpha tester Posted on: 23-05-2008 20:37:06
Posts: 30

Nice, very good idea!
Developer Posted on: 15-06-2008 14:01:20
Posts: 3379

Anyone tryed this already?
Alpha tester Posted on: 16-06-2008 00:45:34
Posts: 85

i havent because i cant find anyone who wants to be reffered to a game they cant play
Developer Posted on: 16-06-2008 06:41:37
Posts: 3379

They can play aslong as they give good feedback on the forums
Alpha tester Posted on: 16-06-2008 20:02:46
Posts: 114

I think this is a bad thing we have done,ppl will register and see that the game is not ready yet,and they will not bother any more,even when the game starts they will probably not try it again.Those that try it now will may think that its bad,maybe it is now but when its ready it will be great i think.So i think no banners should be in other games before open beta.
Member Posted on: 16-06-2008 20:23:21
Posts: 822

The people who are trying the game (alpha testers) are well aware of the fact that the game still is in development. So I don't think anyone complains about the fact that the game is "bad".

A thousand registers with only a few of them posting on the forums, let alone testing the game isn't that favourable.
Since our mails are being kept out of the junk mail bins in Yahoo and Hotmail recently, we can now work with an "active mail", which will decrease the amount of 'spam' registrations. (registrations are not being verified at the moment, so that can explain the large amount of registrations so far)
Developer Posted on: 16-06-2008 20:41:58
Posts: 3379

Once the game is close to release we will start mailings so the registered members will be notified. The fact that only a few players post on the forum is because the game is not finished and most players just want to play instead of help.

The fact that we promote the website a bit is just to get a few more players who are interested to help, which will speed up the development. Another reason is to test all the systems, for example the mail system took 3 months before hotmail didnt mark us as spam. You dont want a mail system which does not work when the site goes live. Another reason is the indexing in the search engines and open directories. That also takes a few months.

So far we changed alot on the main site and alpha because of player feedback so in my opinion its a good thing lod gets some promotion, but at the moment we have enough active alpha players who give good feedback on our forums.
Member Posted on: 17-12-2008 23:11:13
Posts: 29

I think this all sounds good personally.
This game will succeed I believe.

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