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Topic: Military unit stats Post reply

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Developer Posted on: 18-05-2008 22:23:34
Posts: 3379

khain detemined the stats for each of the units (except special units). The new stats can be found here: New unit stats

This topic can be used to talk about the new stats and fine tune them with some testing in the alpha.
Developer Posted on: 12-06-2008 21:55:15
Posts: 3379

The Heir improved the unit stats, so check out the alpha.

The loot each unit can carry is still a bit to much. Should probably be 2-5 resources per unit. And they will have to bring transport cart if they want to loot more, those can carry 50-100 resources for example.

Some bugs in the attack system have to be fixed but after that we can test the new stats and balance them a bit more.
Alpha tester Posted on: 12-06-2008 22:00:49
Posts: 85

i put the ammount a unit can carry pretty close to the ones from TW but you can lower them if you want

just try and keep the ration between the units about the same
Developer Posted on: 12-06-2008 22:05:54
Posts: 3379

Ye, else the production system has to be higher too...which means the warehouse capacity also has to increase. And I dont like the big numbers in travian/tw where u have to spend like 1mil resources on something.
Alpha tester Posted on: 12-06-2008 23:04:11
Posts: 85


i went pretty close to the TW speeds but maybe we want to speed it up abit

right now the fastest troop takes 10 mins per square...(alphas on x10 so thats 1 min a square there) but we could speed it up a little

im not sure where we want it

any ideas?
Developer Posted on: 13-06-2008 05:51:09
Posts: 3379

10 min a square seems fair to me, good to start with. But we should balance it with the rest of the game (construction time for example)
Alpha tester Posted on: 13-06-2008 05:54:08
Posts: 85

well ten mins a square is the fastest i said...only light cav i think...its almost double for the foot troops

maybe cut the times in half...

Developer Posted on: 13-06-2008 05:56:11
Posts: 3379

we can test a bit in the weekend, im off to work now
Alpha tester Posted on: 13-06-2008 05:57:35
Posts: 85

work?!!! im off to bed....wierd
Developer Posted on: 13-06-2008 05:59:01
Posts: 3379

7:00 here (note to self: have to change the server time, it says 8:00)

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