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Topic: Military unit stats Post reply

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Member Posted on: 13-06-2008 10:49:06
Posts: 822

Hmm, maybe I should implement a timezone option.
Alpha tester Posted on: 13-06-2008 11:21:47
Posts: 12

are there also new costs, yet? or just the military status?

ps: does someone have an exel file including military stats and cost for recruting?
Developer Posted on: 13-06-2008 12:29:53
Posts: 3379

nope the costs are not yet determined, but the stats can be found under the question mark icon in the alpha.
Alpha tester Posted on: 13-06-2008 12:40:28
Posts: 12

yeah know.but i think without costs for recruting you are not able to find a balance.

and an exel file would make ist easier to edit this things local.
Alpha tester Posted on: 13-06-2008 14:42:01
Posts: 85

there is an excell file...and im working on the costs...
Developer Posted on: 13-06-2008 15:19:54
Posts: 3379

the costs should be things like swords/armor/food/gold/beer so not like other games where u need wood / stone for units.
Alpha tester Posted on: 13-06-2008 23:55:32
Posts: 85

never seen a person made out of Bread and beer before......id say it should be a peasant and weapons to train a unit...then have food and beer as an upkeep cost
Alpha tester Posted on: 14-06-2008 09:57:05
Posts: 12

but during training they want something to drink
perhaps good units water and beer and the weaker ones only water.

an idea after training is, the more beer they get the more moral they have. would meen they are stronger in fight. perhaps something like 10% or so. in fact a unit that needs 10 beer will be 10% stronger if it gets 11 beer and 10% weaker if it only gets 9 beer. if they get only 8 beer an idea is, that they are striking then.
Developer Posted on: 14-06-2008 14:39:15
Posts: 3379

Could make a system where they die if they dont get water & food, and if they require beer as upkeep they wont fight until they get beer. But then you wont need beer if your not attacking.
Alpha tester Posted on: 14-06-2008 14:49:29
Posts: 12

but no fighting troops mean no deff if you are attacked.

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