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Moderator Posted on: 14-06-2008 23:13:15
Posts: 543

note that you can use the Edit option so that you don't have to post twice.

But I think you should use the beer only for moral because it's a drug and it makes people more confident and such
Moderator Posted on: 14-06-2008 23:18:42
Posts: 461

i've noted that, you note that i can edit and delete your posts to, so don't be so anoying (kidding)

also it was about an other thing, so it was more clear,

and for moral, you become a bit stronger, more confident, but also less accurate and fast, so it's more negative if you go fight a war,
Moderator Posted on: 14-06-2008 23:31:07
Posts: 543

if you do that you wont be moderator for a long time
Developer Posted on: 15-06-2008 08:15:06
Posts: 3379

already checked ur msges id0001? u will have to wait for peck though
Moderator Posted on: 15-06-2008 10:00:42
Posts: 543

yeah I just saw it. Thanks for wanting me in the moderator team. Count me in.

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