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Developer Posted on: 19-05-2008 17:58:40
Posts: 3379

I installed a new admin option: finish timers. Guess I dont have to explain what it does

Any suggestions for admin options which improve testing are welcome in the post.
Alpha tester Posted on: 19-05-2008 22:51:30
Posts: 23

Admin options get covered up when I have a toolbar on the side of my desktop.
Shouldn't I be able to scroll over?
I went and checked on some other sites and stuff there doesn't get covered up.

Could be an Ubuntu only problem though so could a windows user toss their menu bar on the side for me and tell me the results? XD
Developer Posted on: 20-05-2008 05:33:34
Posts: 3379

yes it depends on your screensize, I placed them outsite the container size because on my screen I have plenty of space there. Not sure yet if I will place them somewhere else, because when the game goes live the will be gone.
Developer Posted on: 25-06-2008 18:01:54
Posts: 3379

I've added the "Upgrade village" option, if somebody needs other admin options which improves testing, then post your suggestions in here.
Alpha tester Posted on: 25-06-2008 19:51:11
Posts: 114

Upgrade outpost.
Developer Posted on: 25-06-2008 20:01:06
Posts: 3379

dunno about that, not much to test in outposts you cant test in villages
Moderator Posted on: 25-06-2008 20:21:23
Posts: 461

well, i think it would come in handy, because it is still a large part of the game.
Developer Posted on: 25-06-2008 21:07:49
Posts: 3379

only the main (military) building then, but ppl should not build to many outposts if it is not necessary.
Moderator Posted on: 26-06-2008 17:53:51
Posts: 461

yea ok
Developer Posted on: 28-06-2008 14:02:12
Posts: 3379

finish timers also affects army movement now.

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