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Developer Posted on: 20-05-2008 16:26:16
Posts: 3379

I'm starting with the guild system but which options should a guild have. I can think of the following things:
- Once you have an output you can construct a guildhouse.
- The guildhouse is the heart of the guild, therefore it has to be protected.
- Guildhouse can be destroyed / taken over.
- Each level of the guildhouse will allow more players
- At level 10 it will allow a new diplomatic option; NAP (non aggression pact)
- At level 15 it will allow alliances with other guilds
- Alliances / NAP is shown on the map
- At the guildhouse you can set a tag, name and description of the guild
- Option to add later: graphical banner for each guild (shield with different styles/colors)
- guild admin options for the owner:
* invite new players
* kick players
* diplomatic options as described above

Anything im missing?
Alpha tester Posted on: 20-05-2008 17:34:47
Posts: 31

Looks complete to me
Moderator Posted on: 20-05-2008 18:29:16
Posts: 461

1 thing, the date when it should be finished
Member Posted on: 20-05-2008 18:47:03
Posts: 822

We don't like mentioning that kind of things.
Moderator Posted on: 20-05-2008 18:49:50
Posts: 461

i know a date, what about as:soonas:possible? that would be good
Developer Posted on: 20-05-2008 19:05:39
Posts: 3379

any good with flash? im doing some tests with the guild banners but I never worked with flash
Moderator Posted on: 20-05-2008 19:28:36
Posts: 543

I have made a map for our game with flash. Look very good. Now I'm trying to make it look better by making it isometric.
but actionscript is pretty easy to learn if you know how to program. (I learned it within a month).

Anyway, what do you want to do with these banners? in flash?
Developer Posted on: 20-05-2008 19:32:42
Posts: 3379

I got illustrator/photoshop files like this: banner

I want to make alot of different shields/styles/colors. I can do it with layers but maybe flash would be better. like banner.swf?code=144234 shows a certain style+color depending on the id. Know where I can read about this? I can draw in illustrator + code in several languages so should not be that hard
Developer Posted on: 20-05-2008 21:56:09
Posts: 3379

I think we are skipping the flash idea, dont want people to force to use an extra plugin to run flash.
Moderator Posted on: 20-05-2008 21:59:49
Posts: 543

if you can use actionscript that wouldn't be very hard.

I don't know all the methods to get flash to do something via php etc. but I use the xml loader class to load an xml file/query and then proces the query.

I could help you with that if you like.
the xml method is pretty easy btw. Just let flash ask for a page, for example:
and then let that page echo a xml query.

ask me if you need any help on that.

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