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Developer Posted on: 21-05-2008 16:00:55
Posts: 3379

Im using javascript and divs with transparant images at the moment, this is the first test version: banners/shields

the final version will ofcourse be fine tuned with loads of different combination but this test shows it will be possible.
Moderator Posted on: 21-05-2008 17:22:46
Posts: 543

works fine.
Developer Posted on: 22-05-2008 19:15:01
Posts: 3379

What should hapen once the guildhouse is destroyed/taken over?
Alpha tester Posted on: 22-05-2008 22:47:54
Posts: 23

Destroyed = Disbanding of the guild!

Taking over is a hard one..
There are tons of possibilities here.
-Annexation onto the guild of the conquer. All members would become members of that guild.. This would mean that guilds would be able to have more than one guild house though.. Maybe make building costs VERY high for them.
That would upset newer players though about not being able to get into a guild but i really see guilds as a high level thing. Not a "I'm brand new let me join" thing like in some games.

-Could be where you tore down the guild house and got some of the resources from it.. (with guild disbanding)

-You could turn the guild house into a outpost of sorts. (guild disbanding)
Developer Posted on: 23-05-2008 18:17:46
Posts: 3379

Im thinking of disbanding yes, on takeover it might be cool to be able to uses the guildhouse incase it bigger than the current...so to be able to choose which one to use. If its smaller it will not have any effect.
Developer Posted on: 25-05-2008 08:50:27
Posts: 3379

Ive finished the guild banners, I will post some screens about them in the game info section soon. Currently there are:
- 3 different shield types

each shield type has:
- 6 different border color sets
- 3 different center styles

each center style has
- 6 different color sets

So plenty of combinations possible, lateron I will add the option to add icons and add more styles.
Developer Posted on: 25-05-2008 10:30:46
Posts: 3379

should it be possible to change the guild name/tag/description/banner once the guild is created?
Developer Posted on: 25-05-2008 13:12:14
Posts: 3379

Should the guild leader be able to set ranks for each member?
Moderator Posted on: 25-05-2008 13:53:41
Posts: 461

no changing tags/name/banner, description should be able to change, and yes, the guild leader should be able to set the ranks
Developer Posted on: 25-05-2008 18:26:08
Posts: 3379

The main building of the guild will be the guildhouse, you need one to create a guild. Should players who which to join the guild also build some kind of building? embassy?

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