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Alpha tester Posted on: 26-05-2008 17:19:47
Posts: 23

That'd make sense..
I'd like to see something different though,
maybe a specific troop to go to the guildhouse to apply and one that comes from the guildhouse to invite? The troops would stay in the guildhouse or village until the offer was replied to. This would stop guild from inviting everyone at random (that they want) and people from trying to get into every guild.
This would alsocause people closer together to be more likely to form a guild (which makes sense to me).

Ranks, no doubt.
Developer Posted on: 26-05-2008 17:26:36
Posts: 3379

Thats a nice idea, a diplomat. And you can only train 1 per village and maybe a few more in an area with a guildhouse.
Developer Posted on: 26-05-2008 20:54:10
Posts: 3379

Another addon for this cool idea. You have to send your diplomat to the guildhouse of the guild you which to join. If they let you in you're part of the guild, but they can also kill your diplomat / or refuse him. Once accepted your diplomat will stay in the guildhouse and uses a part of the food production. If the area which holds the guildhouse gets attacked your diplomat can die. Now you cant use the guild options until you send a new diplomat. If you dont send a new diplomat within a certain time (1day?) you're out of the guild because you lost contact.
Moderator Posted on: 27-05-2008 09:39:24
Posts: 461

yea but 1 day is a bit short, maybe it'll take 2 days to get you diplomat to the guild house and suddenly your out
Developer Posted on: 27-05-2008 10:53:18
Posts: 3379

2 or maybe 3 days also sounds fine.
Developer Posted on: 27-05-2008 17:12:09
Posts: 3379

I will first make a normal version tho, where you can invite ppl with a message to test the join system/kick system and other guild options. Setting up the ideas in the traveling post and this post will take some more time.
Developer Posted on: 28-05-2008 17:25:52
Posts: 3379

Im not sure if I should set the permission per user or per rank type, per rank types seems more logical to me because a higher rank is more permissions. What do u guys think?
Moderator Posted on: 28-05-2008 19:36:54
Posts: 461

rank type, then the leader can change the ranks for user he wants to have more permissions,
Developer Posted on: 28-05-2008 19:49:43
Posts: 3379

Currently I allow 10 ranks besides the leader rank. Should be enough I think.
Developer Posted on: 28-05-2008 20:21:36
Posts: 3379

Should there be any limit to the amount of guild members? maybe +5 per lvl until lvl15? Or allow more members?

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