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Moderator Posted on: 28-05-2008 21:33:37
Posts: 543

Yes you should limit it to the level
Developer Posted on: 04-06-2008 21:18:27
Posts: 3379

Should there be an alliance leader? Or should the guild leaders which are part of the alliance have equal influence?

For example, should 1 leader accept an application to the alliance or should all guild leaders hit accept before someone can join? Same for diplomacy/war/NAP etc...
Alpha tester Posted on: 05-06-2008 07:50:09
Posts: 23

I would like to see MUCH more democracy in the guilds than what is seen normally lately...
So, all say yes =D
Developer Posted on: 05-06-2008 11:40:24
Posts: 3379

this is for alliances, max 6 guilds are part of an alliance.

Could do something like this for guild, any ideas on how to use it in guilds?
Moderator Posted on: 06-06-2008 14:49:34
Posts: 461

maybe 1 guild leader and 4 or 3 guild vice-leaders (onderleiders), and then a democracy between them all (can't vote the guild leader away, but you can vote the others away, that sort of privilages for the leader)

and then for the alliance just the guild leaders?
Developer Posted on: 07-06-2008 16:37:48
Posts: 3379

The basics of the guild / alliance system are working. There are currently no requirements for making a guild or alliance so you can make one right away.

Enjoy and find me some bugs

You have to register a new account on the alpha server because there were alot of changes in the database.

Note from smashix (so I dont forget): javascript check if you filled in all form fields
Alpha tester Posted on: 08-06-2008 04:24:02
Posts: 23

Invite to alliance button?
Also, I think ALL current leaders in an alliance should have to approve new members to the alliance (guilds, not people)... if it isn't that way already.
Developer Posted on: 08-06-2008 09:07:27
Posts: 3379

yes a guild has to apply and it will be approved by all the alliance members. Only if all accept the guild will join. If all vote no the application can be removed. If a few vote yes and a few vote no nothing will happen until all vote yes or no.The guild itself can see the status and he can reject at any time.

I applyed for your ally to show u.
Developer Posted on: 09-06-2008 18:39:49
Posts: 3379

I noticed the map already shows some players were part of my guild/alliance while I only invited them. Will have a look at this soon.
Developer Posted on: 19-06-2008 12:25:51
Posts: 3379

What should be the maximum amount of members per guild? Or based on the guild headquarters?

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