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Developer Posted on: 21-05-2008 16:20:51
Posts: 3379

The idea of the outposts is to protect the surrounding villages, currently you can attack an village in the influence area of an outpost but that will change soon.

My question to the community: Should I allow players to build on land which is in the influence area, so without a military building or mainbuilding in these areas? It could mean that when an outpost is taken over you also loose this land if you dont make a military building in it. If you make a military building in it you will not loose it and it will have its own influence area.

Other ideas are also welcome.
Moderator Posted on: 21-05-2008 17:24:59
Posts: 543

I think you shouldn't allow people to build in the influence area except for yourself, and you should lose the influence area if the outpost is taken over.
Developer Posted on: 21-05-2008 17:32:43
Posts: 3379

no thats what i mean, should you be able to build in your own influence area or not besides the outpost? Or only use it to protect villages in range.
Moderator Posted on: 21-05-2008 17:49:46
Posts: 543

you should be able to build in your influence area or else you first have to make a couple of village before you can protect those by a outpost
Developer Posted on: 21-05-2008 17:57:18
Posts: 3379

the influence area could also only be used to protect villages and guild/alliance mates. Being able to build in the whole area will probable keep you too busy managing everything.
Moderator Posted on: 21-05-2008 18:05:39
Posts: 543

so if you have a big influence area you have to build outside of it?
Developer Posted on: 21-05-2008 18:08:48
Posts: 3379

no you can build a new village but I was talking of building in the influence area without making a new village/outpost...so just build a few buildings on each time.
Alpha tester Posted on: 22-05-2008 17:52:08
Posts: 31

I've got a stronghold. Now I want to build a woodcutter/hunter on the building behind the stronghold, and I can't reach it, which means I can't use that building site anymore.
Developer Posted on: 22-05-2008 17:55:06
Posts: 3379

k thnx for reporting, which area type is it? empty tile? (background looks similar to the village brackground without roads) we have empty, mixed, forest, mountain, water areas
Alpha tester Posted on: 22-05-2008 17:56:50
Posts: 31

empty tile, the background is the same as in the first village.

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