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Alpha tester Posted on: 16-06-2008 14:27:53
Posts: 151

You must be able to build buildings in the influence area!
each town had an influence area of 1 tile,
and if you want to trade between your towns over a way(longer than 1 tile) you can build an outpost so the influence areas come together?
Alpha tester Posted on: 17-06-2008 11:37:44
Posts: 151

How can you build outposts?
Developer Posted on: 17-06-2008 16:43:29
Posts: 3379

you need an expension point, lvl10 mainbuilding. But dont put to many strongholds on the map else ill reset again.
GameMaster Posted on: 22-08-2008 16:19:31
Posts: 1447

Level ten!
Ok, I'll bother with the outposts once I have the upgrade-information that I need.
Developer Posted on: 22-08-2008 16:24:48
Posts: 3379

This is old info, now you need a lvl15 mainbuilding, so influence area to build your outpost in.

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