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Developer Posted on: 23-05-2008 17:58:02
Posts: 3379

Anyone on your forum with experience in digital SLR cameras? Im planning on buying one because my old compact camera is not very good. So I'm looking around a bit which to buy
Member Posted on: 23-05-2008 18:30:47
Posts: 822

I'm actually looking for a decent camera as well.
It's not an easy choice, especially not when you want keep the price/quality ratio low. I'm not looking for a reflex camera though, they're a bit expensive.

The best reflex camera for me is the Canon EOS series. At kieskeurig.nl (Dutch) you can find a good overview of which (reflex) cameras are popular.
Depending on what kind of photography you want to do, it's important to have "control" over your camera, by being able to change the shutter speed, f-stops (diafragma), ISO (light sensitivity of your lens). This is very important for the light balance on your photo.
It's also important for keeping your photo sharp, and not blurry, for instance, when you're at the racetrack and you want to take a picture of a car racing by, you'll have to use a high shutter speed, e.g. 1/500 s. The lens won't be exposed for a long time, so your photo won't be blurry. When you're taking a picture at night, of the stars, you'll use a shutter speed of sometimes over 30 s., but you'll certainly need a tripod for that.
Just read the reviews on kieskeurig.nl for some hours, a lot of them contain a lot of information.
Reading some about digital photography won't be bad either (if you don't know a lot about the subject), here for example.
Developer Posted on: 23-05-2008 18:38:43
Posts: 3379

I liked the canon 400 /450D while searching on the internet but today I went to the shop and it was a bit to small & light for me. You cant fit a decent lens on it. I also tryed the nikon D80 with a 18-200mm lens, that one felt really good/strong/durable. I dont want 2 lenses, like a 15-55mm and 55-200mm combi set. You have to bring both lensen all the time and switching is annoying. Also more chance on dust. The 18-200 would be a bit more expensive but I think its worth it. Still looking for other/better options but I really like the D80+18-200mm.
Member Posted on: 23-05-2008 18:44:08
Posts: 822

I'm actually thinking of a Panasonic DMC FZ-18 Haven't found any negative reviews. I've seen some quite cool racing pictures of an earlier FZ-series. (that's the main purpose I want to use it for, or actually, I hope to)
It's not an SLR, but I don't think that's really necessary to have a nice picture.
But how can a camera be too light or small? One is always trying to make them lighter and smaller.
Developer Posted on: 23-05-2008 18:51:34
Posts: 3379

The canon felt to "plastic" and canon does not have a proper lens like the 18-200mm. You have to fit a sigma then.

Here are good reviews with picture of the strong and weak points of each camera: trustedreviews
Member Posted on: 23-05-2008 18:55:14
Posts: 822

Hehe, FZ18 has a score of 9/10
I'm making a good choice their.
Developer Posted on: 23-05-2008 19:03:06
Posts: 3379

Jep loopt pretty good for that price
Member Posted on: 23-05-2008 19:13:23
Posts: 822

Btw, the D80 18-200 costs about € 1.300 here in Belgium. Omfg, that's worth of working for (a lot of) hours.
Alpha tester Posted on: 23-05-2008 20:22:31
Posts: 30

Ow peck, you can afford it

I also have a digital camera, but it's a HDD-camcorder. The JVC Everio GZ-MG20, the 20 is standing for the capacity of the HDD. It's a very good camera, when you want to buy a videocamera. You also can take pictures, but only with a resolution of 2 MP
Developer Posted on: 24-05-2008 12:11:13
Posts: 3379

I got the camera

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