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Member Posted on: 24-05-2008 12:53:04
Posts: 822

Which one? How much did it cost?

And show us a picture you've made with it.
Developer Posted on: 24-05-2008 13:24:01
Posts: 3379

D80 18-200mm VR, 8g SD card, extra accu and a bag

Reading the manual and charging at the moment
Developer Posted on: 24-05-2008 15:05:03
Posts: 3379

this is inside with flash and auto mode (so just press the button without adjusting anything): <deleted> (my old books )
Member Posted on: 24-05-2008 15:40:59
Posts: 822

Looks really detailed. You can see all the "cracks" at the back of the PHP books.
It only makes my choice harder.
The pictures taken with a DMC FZ18 are too low on quality in my opinion.
The Nikon D40X isn't too expensive, but the zoom isn't great enough. And, like you said, bringing both lenses isn't that handy.
Developer Posted on: 24-05-2008 16:18:16
Posts: 3379

Ye I took the picture from 3m away and I have still no clue what im doing You can spot those cracks with the eye from around 20cm.

Yep but lenses are damn expensive, you will probably pay more (or similar) for the lens. You can fit them on your next camera tho.

This is a good video showing the standard nikon kit lenses 15-55, 70, 135 and my one the 200. At the end they show the zoom ranges of all 4 lenses (7min):

Developer Posted on: 24-05-2008 17:09:49
Posts: 3379

Here is a zoom test, is scaled the size down a bit. The main picture is what you see from my window by eye. I zoomed in on the flat and made a new picture which I pasted on the main picture: <deleted>

Member Posted on: 24-05-2008 17:36:58
Posts: 822

That's a great zoom... although it isn't very sharp any more.
And, all those 18-55, -77, -135 lenses, are the compatible on all Nikon SLR bodies?

Btw, nice view you have their out of your window.
Developer Posted on: 24-05-2008 17:44:37
Posts: 3379

Nope not very sharp anymore, dunno if I can make it better with different setting...since I just put it on auto and press the button

On the D80 you can fit all, also old analog lenses. I heard the new D60 only fits new types. (AF-S they call it?) Not sure about the D40 / D40x, but the shop keeper said a compact cameras with 3x zoom has the same zoom as a 15-55mm lens.
Member Posted on: 24-05-2008 18:01:01
Posts: 822

Keeps getting harder. SLR cameras have a great picture quality, but standard lenses just haven't got enough zoom range. Better lenses are very expensive...
SuperZoom cameras have all the zoom you need, but the quality of the picture decreases.
Developer Posted on: 24-05-2008 18:59:54
Posts: 3379

A swaan family was passing by when I was coding on the guild system, so I had to go out to pratice a bit


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