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Member Posted on: 24-05-2008 19:12:32
Posts: 822

There's some noise on the water part on some pictures. Maybe a lower ISO value and greater f-stop. (or was it smaller? )
Anyhow, the photo's look incredibly detailed. Would be great for a day at Spa-Francorchamps, or photographing the ditches in Amsterdam. (it's a great place to take pictures)
Developer Posted on: 24-05-2008 19:17:30
Posts: 3379

Im just pressing the button without setting anything so they could probably be much better ya ...will start reading the manual soon. Have to go through 150 pages...
Developer Posted on: 24-05-2008 19:19:19
Posts: 3379

pic4 the swaan was pulling his head out of the water, even drops on the neck you can see
Moderator Posted on: 25-05-2008 11:21:29
Posts: 461

lolz when you buy a 600$ camera it comes in handy if you read the manual yea

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