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Developer Posted on: 26-05-2008 17:40:26
Posts: 3379

In most strategy browser games you can not traval far from your own location because of the travel speed of you units. They means when u have a friend 100 tiles away from you, you can not play together because it takes a few hours to go there. Its also not possible to attack someone on the other side of the map because it will take days/weeks.

Anyone with a good idea on how to solve this problem?
Moderator Posted on: 27-05-2008 09:43:39
Posts: 461

not really, in reality it also just takes time to travel..

but it would be an idea if your troops could change direction and stuff, like you send your troops somewhere, they set up a base camp and from there you can attack the people around you (like an outpost, but without being able to build buildings and no red area thingy and no icon on the map), i hope you understand me i can't explain it perfectly...
Moderator Posted on: 27-05-2008 10:01:19
Posts: 543

or maybe that someone can discover a camp of an enemy by sending scouts.

So one can send out an army and let them stay on a tile with no icon yet. Then an enemy sends a scout to a (tile/range of tiles) and spots the enemy camp. then the scout comes back to his own city and reports the place of the enemy camp and then there is a marker on the map where the enemy camp is.
Developer Posted on: 27-05-2008 10:55:18
Posts: 3379

Could use the lookouttower to spot camps, a higher lvl lookouttower spots a higher range.

Setting up camp would also require you to bring food.
Alpha tester Posted on: 28-05-2008 07:44:32
Posts: 23

Make there be traveling, but make it fast.. You'll find a balance somewhere ;]
Moderator Posted on: 28-05-2008 08:37:21
Posts: 461

or instead of bringing food, you could also steal food from other city's nearby the camp (in an attack)
Moderator Posted on: 28-05-2008 08:45:10
Posts: 543

Could use the lookouttower to spot camps, a higher lvl lookouttower spots a higher range.

Setting up camp would also require you to bring food.

yes, but you could also use scouts besides the lookouttowers so you can spot enemies beyond your range.

also an idea: the higer the level of a scoute the greater the spotted range.
If a scout comes on a tile with an enemy camp the scout has to fight because he is spotted, else your scout will be unnoticed by the enemy and your scout can return safely to his village.
Developer Posted on: 28-05-2008 15:48:52
Posts: 3379

Could only do a check on the tile you send the scout to, else I have to check each tile which wont be good for the server load.
Moderator Posted on: 28-05-2008 19:44:39
Posts: 543

I doubt it'll be such a server load.

You only have to get a small range of rows out of the database and then check if there is a camp (with a campflag variable ofzoiets).

btw for a lookouttower you have to do the same.
Developer Posted on: 06-06-2008 18:48:24
Posts: 3379

So how should this be done foodwise?

I think you should also be able to send food to your camp on the map. And when you go looting you have to bring food. You can also carry less resources because your already carrying food. And you will loose the food if your defeated upon attack.

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