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The Land of Destiny Hero welcomes you.
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Topic: Password reset Post reply

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Alpha tester Posted on: 29-05-2008 15:26:09
Posts: 4

I asked for a password reset.
but it is not yet arrived.

Member Posted on: 29-05-2008 15:40:08
Posts: 822

Your password is now the part before "@" of your e-mail address.
Your password can be changed at the "profile" section.
But why do you need a password reset when you're logged in?
Developer Posted on: 29-05-2008 20:30:30
Posts: 3379

Could be the mail problem with hotmail, looks like mail are not arriving.
Alpha tester Posted on: 29-05-2008 22:15:25
Posts: 4


thanks for changing my password.
after I registered, everytime I logged in I simple typed Aldwoni and after that TAB and the password appeared.
one day, my alpha acception was changed to yes, I tried to test the game but i didn't knew my password. now i know my password but my acception changed to no.

Maybe you van write it under the option that it doesn't work on hotmail.
Developer Posted on: 29-05-2008 22:19:17
Posts: 3379

Ive added you to the alpha again, removed you before because we didnt see you.

Yea I might add it, because I wont be able to fix the hotmail problem soon.
Developer Posted on: 31-05-2008 09:12:58
Posts: 3379

Im thinking to switch servers in 2 months, because I cant edit the master DNS zone file of the virtual server LoD is on. Switching to a dedicated host would probably solve this.

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