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Alpha tester Posted on: 31-05-2008 08:10:44
Posts: 13

Hi all!
Here's a little idea of me. I have no idea if there even will be clans or tribes (but I guess so) and don't even know wether this idea is possible in the game, but I just wanted to place it.

Okay, what I have in mind is that you can build a clancity. This city will be played /controlled by the clanleaders. They can build just like your own city, only the clancity has a few less options. Such as making his own units. A clancity can't make his own units, the clanmembers have to support and defend it! So then what's the use of a clancity. In my opinion it would be cool if the Clancity would boost your economy. So a clancity has bigger wood/stone/food producing building. Also I've read something about the fact that you need to 'control' an area before you can build it. Well then I suggest a clancity gives you a quite big area for your clan. I don't how big the whole map will be so I can't make actual suggestions, but I hope you understand what I mean!

So I'll try to sum up some things here.

- When the game has left the beginning stage, your clanleaders can build a clancity (which of course costs a lot, so it won't be very easy to get a clancity).
- This clancity will be 'controlled/played' by the clanleaders, so they can 'log-in' to it.
- A clancity is just as an normal city, except for building units/weapons.
- Having a clancity boosts your economy. So the clancity itself will produce more and more wood/stone/food/iron which can be sent to the clanmembers to help them.
- A clancity has to be protected by the other clanmembers. The can support the city. The clanleaders can build a wall or something and guard towers or something in the clancity, to has a standard defense.
- A clancity also allows you to 'control' a large area around it. So you don't build any guard towers or outposts to 'control the area'. (This is an option I read about somewhere)
- Clancities can only be destroyed, not taken over or anything.
- Each clan can make a different number of cities. A clan with only 10 members and a small amount of points (dont know if this will be buildingpoints, population or whatever, it's just a bit noob clan! ) can only make one city. A bit larger and better clan can make 3 and pro clans can make 5. [this can of course be changed]

Well, I hope the idea is clear, tell me what you think. I'm happy to answer questions if needed

Kisses, Eldarion.
Member Posted on: 31-05-2008 08:53:29
Posts: 822

There is already such a thing as guilds/alliances. (in development at the moment) Maybe we can add some ideas of which you have mentioned.

I'll give you alpha access, then you'll be able to know some things more about LoD.
Member Posted on: 31-05-2008 08:55:13
Posts: 822

Hehe, I guess BasTijs was a little quicker at giving the alpha access. But he's used clicking the "Approve" button, an so is much faster than me.
Developer Posted on: 31-05-2008 09:02:04
Posts: 3379


Yep im building the basics of the guild system which you can see in the guild post(alpha section) on this forum. Once the basics are working (leader admin options, inviting, guildlist etc) we can have a look which options can be added.

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