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Alpha tester Posted on: 31-05-2008 08:23:48
Posts: 13


You can see the big green/blue/turqoise influence area (with the village + guardhouse/guardtower). Then there's the smaller influence area to the left. Now I was wondering, since there's all to much information on this site (no offense, you guys prolly don't have time for such secundair-important things), what happens if influenced/controlled areas aren't connected? You can't send resources then? You can't support those outposts then?

I suggest you make having your areas not connected, very negative for the owner. This will stimulate having big areas which are all connected which makes it more realistic. Back in the days you weren't king an area here, an area there, oh yeah of course there's a bit of land which was also mine, no. So I suggest that there are some bad things when you're areas aren't connceted which only affect the not connected new area. So not the area which you began with.

- Unconnected areas can not trade resources.
- Unconnected areas can not send recources to your main area, or vice versa.
- The troops in an unconnected area are only A BIT weaker.

Tell me what you think about it!
Developer Posted on: 31-05-2008 08:58:27
Posts: 3379

Currently the influence area protects your villages. You will get an influence area when you build an outpost (military building). A larger military building has a larger influence area so you can build more villages around it.

Areas dont have to be connected but it might be fun to do what you suggest. But currently I have to finish the guild/alliance system before I can start tuning the game
Alpha tester Posted on: 31-05-2008 09:48:13
Posts: 13

Okay, thanks for your quick reply! I know you have others things to do first, I was just posting this so other people would also think about it and then maybe we can make something out of it.

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