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Alpha tester Posted on: 31-05-2008 11:19:44
Posts: 13

Hi there! I've been checking the game so far (became Alpha tester this morning) and 1 thing just pops out imo. I can't find the right information! I wanted to upgrade my woodcutter from 3 -> 4 but I couldn't. Only thing I saw in that little 'Woodcutter'-display was 'Unable to upgrade, please check the tech tree' (or something).. so I'm looking at the tech tree but nothing about woodcutter 3 -> 4. Now, 30 mins later I've my garrison so I click on Unit Information and then left upper corner on 'Game Information' and BINGO! There it is!
- Tech tree
- Building info
- Unit info

That's all I needed. But it took me quite some time to find it!! Can you guys put a button somewhere in the interface which directs you to this help-pages?
Alpha tester Posted on: 31-05-2008 11:20:55
Posts: 13

Oh, and here's a suggestion where to place the button; why not just under 'Information' and 'Objectives'? (Below the log-off button)
Alpha tester Posted on: 31-05-2008 13:06:15
Posts: 13

d'Oh! Left lower corner, the red question mark..
Developer Posted on: 31-05-2008 13:37:01
Posts: 3379

Yea, info is located at the question mark. When the game is live I will put a tutorial + objectives when someone logs in for the first time. But its not yet available at the alpha.
Moderator Posted on: 14-06-2008 22:50:29
Posts: 461

in the message panel, maybe different folders/tabs for battle/diplomacy/other messages?
Member Posted on: 23-12-2008 04:35:04
Posts: 1

I think the idea of a information screen is a good one showing what you have in your village and also a resorse cost chart for units like scouts extra
GameMaster Posted on: 24-12-2008 00:10:46
Posts: 1447

John Doesy and I find the resource chart useful.

Does the information found when clicking the lower-left red question-mark help you?

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