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The Land of Destiny Hero welcomes you.
Role playing game or called MMORPG free browser game
Game tour

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System specifications:
- Internet connection
- Browser (with javascript enabled)

Name: Land of Destiny (LoD)
Site: http://www.landofdestiny.com
Genre: RTS
Type: Brower Game (Massive Multiplayer Online - MMO)
Max players per server: +- 20000
Language: English
Costs: Free (optional premium options)

Land of Destiny (LoD) is a real time strategy game, which is played online together with thousands of other players. After registration you start with a small tent somewhere on the game world. Next to your tent there is a pile of resources, this is necessary to start building your village. The first steps in the game is getting your food production up and running, to satisfy you peasants food consumption. In your tent you can recruit peasants, they will take a place as workers in your new buildings. Once you have a hunter it is time to start producing construction materials such as planks and stone.Land of Destiny has a wide variaty of resources, this is one of features which make LoD interesting and different compared to other browser games. Each building type requires it's own tool and planks are not supplied by the woodcutter but logs first have to be processed by a sawmill in order to get planks. This production system is inspired by the The Settlers games.

With this wide variaty of resources it is necessary to trade with other players. This is possible once the towncenter is built. Upgrading the towncenter results in extra traders, this can come in handy once your village is expanding.

Weather system:
LoD has an active seasons & weather system, the weather is randomly generated each day (depending on the season, ofcourse no snow in the winter). Every week the season changes, both the season and the weather have an effect on the gameplay. For example, there is no grain production in the winter. This means you will need a stock of grain to produce beer and food for your units. Another weather effect is a larger water production when it's a rainy day or on a cloudy day the outlook tower detection range is affected. These are only a few of the LoD weather effects.

Attack system:
You are not alone in Land of Destiny, if you look at the map you see you're surrounded by other players. You can choose to make them your friends or foes. If you attack another player you can loot their village, which means more resources for you to spend on your village! Currently the game has 18 different military units, all with strong and weak points. Therefore it's important to select the right unit for the right job. An interesting part of the game is the possibility to creating military camps and outposts. A military camp can be used to inspect mountains with your geologist on different tiles of the map, he might even find some gold! A camp can also be used as a place to gather your military units, in order to get ready for an attack. It is also possible to take over a tile on the map with an outpost. Outposts are available in different sizes: barrack, guardhouse, watchtower and stronghold. Upgrading the barrack to a guardhouse increases it's defensive range and allows more soldiers in the area. If a village falls in the defensive range of an outpost it is automatically protected. This means you won't need any soldiers in your village to protect it, but the soldiers from your outpost will defend it. Experienced players are able to take over outposts and villages using generals and leaders, it's even possible to destroy enemy buildings with your catapults. But don't be afraid, your start village cannot be taken.

Imperial protection (for casual gamers):
Players who prefer to peacefully build their village without having to worry about other players attacking them, can use the Imperial protection system. This system allows you to retreive NPC soldiers to guard your areas, this reduces the chance that other players will attack your settlement. It is even possible to get full protection, this completely block enemy attacks. Ofcourse this is not without any costs, depending on the type of protection you pay 20-50% of your resource production as tax to the imperial army.

Empires / Alliances:
Once a player is large enough to build their first outpost, it is possible to build an Empire Headquarter. This allows players to invite their friends and start an empire together. Each empire can design their own weapon/shield and they have their own forum. An empire can go to war with different empires or use diplomatic functions like the Non-Aggression-Pact in order stop attacks between empires. Upgrading the headquarter allows more players to join the empire, and once it reaches level 15 alliances can be made wih other empires.

It is key to protect your Empire Headquarter against enemy players, this because it is possible to destroy the building with catapults or lose the outpost to an enemy general. This automatically destroys the empire and all of it's members will leave.

Imperial city:
At the imperial city it is possible to access the castle and request protection from the Imperial Army. This Imperial Army can protect your village against enemy players.
Players can also play minigames against each other in the tavern, for example blackjack and rock paper scissors. You can bet with the money you earned from working and become the richest player in Land of Destiny!

These are the main features of Land of Destiny. Hope to see you soon in the game, because there is alot more to discover!
LoD is a free online rts game free online MMORPG