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The Land of Destiny Hero welcomes you.
Role playing game or called MMORPG free browser game

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Alpha: Updated
Topic 06-05-2008 23:59 - BasTijs

Today we've updated the Alpha server with the latest version of the game. The biggest change is the new build system. This new build systems allows you to select your own build locations. With this new build system its from now on possible to expand your kingdom by building new villages and outposts on the map.

Other changes are a couple of fixes for Internet Explorer and some bugs in the attack system were fixed. The new building tree was also added to the database, but we did not add values for the building costs yet.

To test all these new features we've selected some extra players, so if your selected log into the alpha server and test whatever you like. Hope to see you online soon!






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LoD is a free online rts game free online MMORPG