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The Land of Destiny Hero welcomes you.
Role playing game or called MMORPG free browser game

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Alpha: Reset
Topic 19-05-2008 22:02 - BasTijs

We just did a reset on the alpha server. This means the players which are selected have to register a new account on the alpha server. This can be done in the Alpha section on this website. The players which are selected are colored purple on the forums, this is because we also launched a new usergroups system.

Serveral bugs were fixed the last few days and some new admin options were added. Other updates which were installed are the new battle reports & looting system. The first version of the military unit stats is also online. So have fun fighting!

We've also removed some inactive members who did not give any feedback on our forums. From now on the main selection criterium for getting selected into the Alpha is forum activity, so tell us something about yourself, about the games you have played or show some intered in our game, hope to hear from you soon!






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